Monday, June 01, 2009

Non-Phone WAH Jobs

***NOTE***  These jobs are not quick money makers!

1. IMShopping Assistant
Do you love to shop? Do your friends ask you where to find the hottest electronic products, home appliances and best prices? Then you should put your knowledge and expertise to work for you as a Shopping Assistant.
Earn additional income by answering questions in the fields of your expertise without leaving the comfort of your home. All you need is to be:

* Skilled Internet researcher
* Ability to quickly identify keywords
* Excellent grammar and spelling
* Fast and accurate typing
* Self disciplined and self motivated
* Must have a Yahoo IM
* Must use Firefox

Lots of fun, great company to work for and get paid weekly by Paypal. $20 minimum for payout. Earn $ .35 per question with possibilities for feedback from our users that can boost your per question pay up to $2 per answer if chosen as a Best Answer.
Simply take our screening test and see if you have what it takes to be a Shopping Assistant!

2. Lionbridge
Lionbridge has great opportunities for those looking for non phone jobs. They hire for posts of Internet Judge, Labeling editor, Segmentation Editors and Internet assessors to work from home as well as Freelance Interpreters and Freelance Translaters.They do not hire all of the time so be patient.

3.  Keys For Cash
Typing images of words and numbers. Payment depends on accuracy and typing speed. They used to have a long waiting list but now they have a test that you have to take instead. You will be looking at snippits and have to follow their rules about what to type...does not pay well but is better than nothing. They pay weekly with a minimum of $50 to get paid.

4.  Mail Decoys
People String will send you snail mail.  Then you enter the code to get paid.

Hausernet pays .25 per piece of mail and pays quarterly. Its starts out very slow. But every lil bit helps. And you sometimes you get free magazine subscriptions! They seem to only hire one person per zip code.

US Monitor pays $10 per month and .25 per piece of mail. Its not a lot. From what I have heard the average is about $20 a month and you also get free magazines as well.
They seem to only accept one person per zip code.

They pay you to receive international letters. Really just envelopes with pieces of paper that has info that you enter into their system. Just note they only do this for set time frames period for you to recive mail.

5.  Quicktate-This is a really cool site where you can sign up to transcribe voice mails. It's relatively easy to get on with them and they pay via PayPal for convenience. This company also owns idictate which is a little more involved but from what I hear they pay better too. So you can start out with Quicktate and maybe move on to idictate with more experience.