Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Son's Tongue

Last Night, my son Lucas was sticking out his tongue and it was soooo cute.  I got it on VIDEO!  YAY ME!  Video quality is not very good, due to it being recorded on my cell phone.

and these two other videos are just adorable.  I had to share them!


Friday, November 19, 2010

Gone and Made an Explosion

...a popcorn explosion that is!
Added way to much popcorn.

Chris thought it was hilarious!

But boy it was GOOD!


Monday, November 15, 2010

Removing Blogger NavBar

When it comes to the blogger navbar either you love it or you hate it so in this post we will go over how to do add or remove it (whichever you prefer).
1. Login to blogger and go to design- then edit HTML
2. In the template find this tag:

3. Just above the body tag add the following code:

4. Now complete the change by saving it, then confirm the removal by selecting delete widgets.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Tutu Price Chart

0-6 Months: $20.00
6-12 Months: $20.00
12-24 Months: $20.00

2-3 Toddler: $25.00
4-5 Toddler: $25.00

6/7 Child: $30.00
8/10 Child: $30.00

10/12 Tween: $30.00
Small Teen: $35.00
Medium Teen: $35.00
Large Teen: $35.00

Adult Tutu: (ALL CUSTOM MADE TO ORDER) $35.00-$75.00

Bella's Swag Tutu Size Chart

0-6 Months: (Skirt Length)8" (Waist Measurement)10-13"
6-12 Months: (Skirt Length)9" (Waist Measurement)14-16"
12-24 Months:(Skirt Length)11" (Waist Measurement)16-18"

2-3 Toddler: (Skirt Length)13" (Waist Measurement)18-20"
4-5 Toddler: (Skirt Length)14" (Waist Measurement)20-22"

6/7 Child: (Skirt Length)16" (Waist Measurement)22"-24"
8/10 Child:(Skirt Length)17" (Waist Measurement)24"-25"

10/12 Tween: (Skirt Length)19" (Waist Measurement)25"
Small Teen: (Skirt Length)21" (Waist Measurement) Custom
Medium Teen: (Skirt Length)23" (Waist Measurement) Custom
Large Teen: (Skirt Length)25" (Waist Measurement) Custom