Saturday, October 24, 2009

Favorite Cup of Joe!

I so love the iced coffees from Mcdonalds.  Though they are pretty expensive, I created my own!  I can have 1-2 of them a day, I'm not a fan of hot coffee.

Fill your cup with ice.

2-4 TBS of Half/Half or as much as you would like.

4-5 packets of Splenda.

Fill your cup with coffee.

...and stir.


You can also exclude the half/half and splenda for your favorite flavor of creamer!

'Til next time!


Laraf123 said...

Love McDonald's ice coffee but they can really add up if I stop there daily. I've tried to make my own before--you've inspired me to try again!

Mommy is Green said...

Great idea!


sounds great for the afternoon pick me up!