Friday, January 15, 2010

Madly in Love with ME™ Manifesta && Giveaway!

Self Love Day is February 13!

My definition of self-love is whole hearted happiness. There is nothing better than happiness that you make for yourself. I found that no one can make you happy, only yourself. Happiness is waking up in the morning and loving every moment, hearing your children run around and laugh and giggle. Happiness is a simple kiss and I love you from your child.

Beauty is defined on how you feel about yourself. Every woman is beautiful inside and out. Do your hair, put makeup on and dress nice, where ever you go. Feel confident, keep your head up and others will notice and want to follow your footsteps and respect you more. Overweight or too skinny, you are still beautiful!

Loving yourself feels so good, it’s like curling up on the couch and watching your favorite TV show with no interruptions. Fall in love with yourself and see a different world.

I am inviting you to share your own on my blog (*email it at wholelottamama(at)hotmail(dot)com along with a picture of you, and I will post it on my blog!) and the Facebook contest site where you can enter to win more prizes! We will send all manifestas that we receive to as a petition to change their current definition of self-love (which is 'conceit, vanity and narcissism! OMG!!)

The Madly in Love with ME™ Giveaway:

One of my readers will win the ME heart token necklace!

The one requirement for you to participate is to download the free ME-Love kit  and leave a comment here:

- The self-love dare you took and why?

- The self -love vow you took and why?

- Both the dare and vows are in the Madly in Love with ME™ kit. You must download this kit to take and share your self-love dare or vow in order to be a part of the giveaway contest.
*Disclaimer - I am working with Christine Arylo as part of this blog campaign. I have received the product, that is in the giveaway.  Contest is open to all women 18+ in the USA && Canada!  Contest end date is February 13, 2010 @ 11:59PM CST. 
*Your writing && picture belongs to you.  I will not sell nor keep it for myself.  By emailing it to me, you are giving me permission to use it on my blog one time only.  Any questions please contact me.

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