Sunday, March 14, 2010

Get to know I Green Mommy {Spotlight}

My name is Rachel McGuire, and as of 2010 (before august) I'm 39yrs old. Born in Ohio, but have lived in SE Missouri since I was 13 yrs old. Married with 3 beautiful children quickly growing into adults. My passions are my family (children), pets, Cooking, Wine, camping out in the summer building snowmen in the winter and Doing Every craft I can get my hands on in my spare time.
I have been creating green products (recycling fabrics and found items into completely new items) for well over 18 years now. I've always Given my creations away to friends, family or to whomever I felt needed it more. One day a friend told me, if I'm going to work that hard I should sell some to help fund my "obsessions" so, It was about 3 years ago that I finally decided to set up shop to see if anyone else would be interested in the items as well. At that time I had my OWN website and was creating all natural Bath and body products from scratch.
It was a year ago that I switched gears toward my other crafty passions and opened the Etsy shop. It all started because I am a Craft-a-holic (raised by a craft-a-holic). I have found that a fantastic way to de-stress is to do some sort of crafting, lately i've been sewing, but I love to crochet, paint (tole mostly), scrapbooking (traditional but mostly Digital using my Degree in Computer Graphic Arts Design). I very rarely "craft" for myself, I usually always have someone else in mind when the idea's hit me to "create", which is why my items make great gifts. My inspiration comes from my children and pets, and what I see and feel from friends & other people's creativity and energy.
I keep myself VERY busy, when I'm not playing mom, wife or Maid. I am crafting my little heart out and Blogging about it on one of my three blogs. ( the blog associated with my Green Etsy shop ) , ( the blog where I talk about family parenting and my obsessions of entering giveaways, doing product reviews and Sponsoring my own Giveaways of my Etsy Green products ). and ( where I post my latest graphics creations when I am doing my Digital Scrapbooking ).

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