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{Guest Post}by: Debra Chapoton on Youth ADD

Debra Chapoton is the author of several children’s books, a young adult thriller and a non-fiction work. Her guest post today is about Attention Deficit Disorder. Her books are available on Amazon at Please visit her blog at
Positive Attributes of Attention Deficit Disorder Kids
I have worked with ADD kids in my 30 plus years as an educator, but my main source of knowledge comes from first-hand experience with two of my four children. We studied books on the subject, visited doctors and had innumerable discussions. There are many ways to “deal” with this disorder, but this post will focus on all the positives that I have observed.

ADD kids are Creative
ADD kids are extremely creative and need only a little encouragement to explore options in this area. Art, music, crafts and other creative endeavors, like writing, can be a great source of pride for these kids.
ADD kids are Self-reliant
Many times these kids are loners and have developed ways to cope with things on their own. They do well on their own rather than collaborating with others on group projects.
ADD kids are Super-focused
The same characteristic that may frustrate a parent or teacher who is trying to get the kid to focus in a different direction is a wonderful trait when total concentration is needed. It just takes time to develop the ability to choose exactly what to focus on (instead of the TV or video games). This attribute will eventually be a plus in the workplace.
ADD kids are Sensitive and Compassionate
It has been my observation that they are sweet, caring and kind as children and as adults they become patient, loving and empathetic parents.
ADD kids are Problem Solvers
That wonderful ability to super-focus allows them to have a greater degree of a “stick-to-it” quality.
ADD kids are Resilient
Many of these kids go through school with teachers who are not knowledgeable in how to deal with them. These teachers are either unable or unwilling to provide the necessary interaction and communication with these kids or the proper discipline and understanding. Hence, ADD kids get a lot of blame for things that aren’t really their fault. In my observation they seem to bounce back from all the negative feedback they get, and let me tell you, they get many more negative statements aimed at them than other students.
ADD kids have a great Sense of Humor
To compensate for all those negative remarks most of these kids work on the “class clown” angle. Though teachers may see a particular ADD kid as a troublemaker and poor student, his peers see a funny, likeable kid. Worried parents would do well to secretly observe their child in the cafeteria, playground or between classes and watch the camaraderie.
ADD kids are Close to their Families
Though they may struggle with a less than perfect school experience, most ADD kids grow up with concerned, caring parents whose sheltering provides a close-knit family experience that is precious for the ADD kid.
ADD kids are Less Likely to Give in to Peer Pressure
The same traits that seem to relegate the child to have fewer (but closer) friends also seem to shelter him from the pressure to conform. ADD kids can be stubborn, but it’s a good stubborn.
ADD kids are Loyal Friends and Faithful Spouses
I don’t have any statistics to back this up. It’s more of an observation and a hope. However, look again at all of these positives and I think you’ll see the pattern.
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