Monday, August 29, 2011

Help Prevent Infant {Child} Abuse Continued...

When a baby crys... my experience of raising 6 children, including a set of twins.

My Step Daughter, Lainie

Find out what is wrong...
  •  hot
  •  cold
  •  hungry
  •  poopy
  •  pee
  •  uncomfortable clothing
  •  gas
  •  sick
Rock gently
Take the baby for a drive
My Youngest Son, Lucas

...if all else fails, lay the baby in his/her bed and take a breather.
There is NO reason to shake a baby!

Here is another woman's story: ALOT OF LOVES

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harriet glynn said...

Thank you! You should know as a mom of 6!

Jessa Dobbs said...

At first glance, I thought this was going to be about how letting a baby cry is child abuse, so I was ready to be up in arms.

There are several instances where I've had to let my youngest cry for a few minutes while I regrouped. Sometimes I get so frustrated but I can't imagine ever letting it get to the point where I harm her, I would rather hurt myself!

There is no shame in putting your baby in a SAFE place and walking away for a minute so you can steel your nerves; crying is really hard to handle and there is nothing so painful as knowing something is wrong and not being able to make it better :(