Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Total Defense Security Suite {Review} & {Giveaway}

A little about Total Defense:

Total Defense is already a leader in threat detection and prevention and a
leading anti-malware solutions provider. With a track record of more than 15
years of success and a network of over 10,000 partners Total Defense is a
demonstrated leader in endpoint protection. The company’s solutions include
anti-malware, anti-virus, intrusion prevention, mobile security, online
back-up and PC Optimization. More than four million consumers and 60,000
businesses of all sizes rely on Total Defenses to secure their most critical

Total Defense on Twitter
Twitter handle: @Total_Defense
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For a free trial Go to Total Defense Free Trial
1 Year Subscription $48.99 (Limited Time Offer)
2 Year Subscription $99.99
3 Year Subscription $ 139.99

My Review:

At first I had a bit of a problem installing the product correctly.  The download link on the main site is for an earlier version, and the only updates are for the 7.0 version, which is the newest version.
I have heard that Total Defense strives on customer service, and I totally give a thumbs up on their customer service!  I chatted online with one of their customer service reps and he helped me wonderfully!  He completely understood what I was asking and he pointed me in the right direction.  He even stayed on chat until I had the problem fixed.  Here is my Chat Log!

The Total Defense software does what it says it supposed to do.  It works just like all the other security suites out there.  The ONLY difference I seen in Total Defense is I have had not one aiota of ANYTHING attacking my computer.  You all know being a blogging mom, you can end up on some weirdo sites and BAM, BLUE SCREEN or in my case BLACK SCREEN, LOL!
Although, I cannot say in 6 months I will come into a difficult situation with my security being scramble, and to know if Total Defense will still be doing it's job.  I strongly believe and trust it will!

There is one con though, sad panda face :(

For some reason, I guess it's the Total Defence program, since this problem I am having started after I installed the software, it seems to be clearing cookies and cache for you automatically.  I mean, I don't mind having a clean machine.  It gets aggravating when you log onto a site and come back 10 mins later and have to log back in.  For example, Facebook, GOOD 'OL FACEBOOK, it seems everytime I go to facebook, I have to log in, even with the "keep me logged in' checked, and enter what device I am using.  I have that IP service on my facebook, so I know if I get hacked or not.  It drives my crazy to do that every single time I log in.    I am not sure if there is an option to change this option, even if it's an option at all.  I've looked, but haven't seen anything.

All in all, Total Defense is a WONDERFUL security suite.  I would change am changing from my old security suite to Total Defense for my main security suite.  I am done with all the other security suites since I have found Total Defense.

One (1) winner will receive a one year subscription to the Total Defense Security Suite.

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