Thursday, September 15, 2011

ABC’s of ME!


  • A:  age 31
  • B: Beautiful.  I believe every mom young or old can stay beautiful.
  • C: Confident: Keep your head up.
  • D:  Different.  Being different than everyone else, is awesome!
  • E: Extra Ordinary: I have 7 kids, makes my whole family stand out.
  • F: Fun:  I am a fun mom.
  • G: God:  I am a firm believer.
  • H: Happy:  I may have 7 kids, but they are blessings from God.
  • I: Icky.  Many times I have stuck my finger in poop!
  • J: Joker. My oldest can’t take jokes, but then again he’s 11 and puberty is COMING!
  • K: Kristin is my name!
  • L: Love.  Do everything in Love. 1 Corinthians 16:14
  • M: Mom.  I’ve been a mom since 2000.
  • N:  Nurturing.  I do more nurturing than anything at all.
  • O: Obsessed. WITH FACEBOOK!
  • P: Positive.  My positive outlook on things, let me down a lot, but it won’t slow me down. 
  • Q: Queen.  Yes!  I am the queen of my castle.  If mama ain’t happy, ain’t no one happy.
  • R: Run.  I love to run, when I can!
  • S: Silly.  I embarrass my kids a lot!
  • T: Time.  I am always early or on time.  I seriously HATE being late.
  • U: Under estimated. I feel people under estimate what I am capable of.
  • V: Van.  I drive a mini van.
  • W: Writer.  I love to write, only if my brain lets me.
  • X: x?x?x? I really don’t have anything for “x” lol.
  • Z: Zombie.  My kids are always playing Zombies….yeah, it’s weird!

I did this as part of a challenge on a blogger group I am a part of, voiceBoks. I'd love to hear some of your ABC's!
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