Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Auric Blends {Review} and {Giveaway}

A little about Auric Blends:

Since 1993 Auric Blends has been captivating women and men with our creative line of fragrance products. Our perfumes and incense are handcrafted and always made from the highest quality ingredients from around the world. We invite you to enjoy what millions of people worldwide have come to know and love as their favorite fragrance line.
Auric Blends is located in the small, historic town of Graton in Northern California. (When we say small, we mean it. Graton has only one main street, and about 1800 people call it home!) We are surrounded by vineyards, redwood trees and the cool coastal air that comes in from neighboring Bodega Bay. It’s a majestic and beautiful place that inspires us to create.

My Thoughts:

Yes I Did!  Before I received the product in the mail, which by the way, I received with in a couple of days after accepting their offer to review, I was skepital.  I had no idea what fragrance I wanted to try.  I am always afraid to try new smells.  I am a very picky smeller, LOL!  OMG!  I fell in love with Auric Blends Perfume instantly.  I was very, very impressed!

I received their top sellers!

My Favorite is the "Kashmir Rose".  I already love the smell of roses and this perfume, just makes my day!  With this perfume, it comes in a cute, hand carved soapstone pot.  This perfume solid is a combination of beeswax and coconut oil.
My second favorite is "Love".  I can't explain the smell, but it's a good one! :)  The smell is clean and crisp.  Definitely something you would want to wear after you are all cleaned up for the day. I really like wearing "Love" after a shower, right before bed.  It last forever on your skin.  This perfume is applied by a roll on.
My mom loves "Egyptian Goddess".  I knew she would like it, since it seems to smell of lilac.  This perfume is also applied by a roll on.
My hubby grabbed up the "Black Coconut".  The name "Black Coconut" says it all.  Yep!  Smells like coconut, which is also applied by a roll on.
All of the oil roll-ons are created with a combination of exotic, imported perfume ingredients from around the globe.
I have always liked to fire up some incense, and the "Seduction" incense smells wonderful!  I lit one the other day and I still smell it in the air.  I am not sure what the smell is, but I believe it may be sandalwood mix with something else.

All roll-ons come in 1/3 ounce glass bottle. $7.50
Solid perfumes come in 1/5 ounces for $8.50
For a pack of 20 incense sticks, you can get them for $2.50

I was very excited when I realized what came in the mail!  I showed everyone, I couldn't put these perfumes down!

Some Places to visit:
Auric Blends
Auric Blends Facebook
Auric Blends Twitter

Auric Blends is giving away one 1/3 ounce of Love or Egyptian Goddess to 3 lucky Whole Lotta Mama! followers!


DanielleCorrelle said...

Egyptian Goddess :)
daniellecorrelle @

Anonymous said...

Love please :)
lucia at erickerns dot com

Donna Marie said...

Love is my favorite Auric Blend frangrance! I wear it everyday! :)

Anonymous said...

I like lavender dreams but want to try love and Egyptian goddess.

turq said...

Wow I won! Thank You so Much!
(Donna D)