Monday, September 26, 2011

{Featured Sponsor} Zorica of Malibu

Zorica Denton’s success story actually begins in a small village of former Yugoslavia. Zorica was barely 7 years old, when she created her first face cream. Today, she is even more passionate about creating natural allergen free, environment friendly products to help empower an individual's life.

After a successful modeling career in Milan and London, Zorica found herself in Malibu, California. Her passion for beauty led her to become a beauty consultant for European cosmetic companies.
What makes Zorica truly unique it is hear sheer knowledge of the industry, hear relationships with many beauty brands. Over years Zorica has learned hear craft with hands on experience.

While working in the beauty industry, Zorica discovered that customers desire a simpler skincare regime. Customers would often comment, "Do I really need to use all of these?"; "Is there something simpler for me to use?"; "I don't have time to do all these steps."
Zorica became determined to create a line of skincare products to address customer’s needs…natural simple products providing results. Zorica herself knew the challenges, since she also suffered from very sensitive and dry skin.
Studying chemistry and working as a beauty consultant, allowed Zorica the knowledge to begin researching her line of skin care.
After two years of research and testing, Zorica of Malibu, created” the three simple steps to beautiful skin”.

Zorica’s tireless dedication to the cause of creating wholesome beauty products has resulted in numerous accolades for her company. The company has been awarded the title of the “Best Company in Cosmetics in Los Angeles Area” in 2009, 2010 and 2011 from USCA.

Because of hear love for nature and our fragile environment you won’t find Zorica's products packaged in the box that gets tossed away. Zorica strongly believes in giving back, some of the ingredients that she use in hear products are Fair Trade and she has been long time supporter of the St Jude Children Cancer Research Hospital.

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