Sunday, September 04, 2011

Would you like that with a strand of {hair}?

  My family and I decided to go to Pizza Street this afternoon for lunch. We love Pizza Street, never had a problem before.  Today, though, for some reason we found 3 strands of blonde hair in our food! GROSS!  The first strand, my step son found IN his fettuccine, second one, my husband found in his pizza (under the pepperoni), and the third strand was found on my step son's pepperoni pizza.  My husband had enough, even lost his appetite, went up to the manager (in this case he was the owner) and asked for our money back.  At first the owner said that he couldn't do anything about it, but if you want your money back, your family can't eat (NO KIDDING!!).

  We went up to the counter and the owner was saying that we could throw our plates away and get more, since it's out of his control that there was hair in the food.  My husband and I demanded our money back, since it was disgusting seeing hair inside your food.  Then the owner went on saying that if hair falls on the food before it cooks, the hair will just burn up.  Ok, that IS NOT what we were complaining about!  This was BLONDE, freshly fallen out hair!!  REALLY, dude?

  The workers wear sun visor hats, which really don't keep hair from falling all over your food.  The girl that was serving the food to the buffet, had long blonde hair! COME ON!

I will never go back to Pizza Street, it's unhealthy and seeing hair in my food is just plain out GROSS!


Rebecca Hawkes said...

Hi. I grew up in a tourist area and all my first jobs were in the food industry. I remember how strict places used to be about keeping hair pulled back. Seems a lot of places aren't so strict any more. I try not to get too freaked out about such things, but I have to admit it is kind of gross. Certainly doesn't do much to improve one's appetite!

(stopping by from voiceBoks)

Not Your Ordinary Agent said...

That's pretty nasty! You could always report it if you want your money back. I agree with Rebecca, they used to be so much more strict back in the day.

Rosann said...

Uck! There's nothing more unappetizing and disgusting than having to dig someone's long hair out of half chewed up food in your mouth. Gross! I would have pitched a fit too.

Visiting from Voiceboks.


Whole Lotta Mama said...

Good at least I know I am not the only one!

Mrs. Diner said...

Yuck! Yes, what happened to pulled back hair & lunch lady hairnets?


Erin said...

OMG, I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit! Yowza!!! That is disgusting. Not only should the manager given you your money back, but he should have fallen all over himself apologizing.
Ewwww! Don't go back there again!
Just dropping by from voiceBoks!

Coffee Please!?! said...

um, ewwww. That is very nasty. I'm glad that we don't have that restaurant around here - is it a chain or a locally owned restaurant? I'm not even sure I want to eat lunch anymore. Yuk - hope you find another place for good food.

Stopping by from VB. Hope you have a wonderful day!

Whole Lotta Mama said...

It's a franchise here in Missouri, not sure where else they are located. We def won't be eating there NO MORE! lol