Monday, October 24, 2011

Target Beauty Coupon pack Worth $20.00 Giveaway 3HOUR RUSH GIVEAWAY!

Welcome to the very first 3 HOUR RUSH GIVEAWAY on Whole Lotta Mama!

This giveaway is for a pack of Target Beauty Coupons worth $20.00.  These coupons expire 11/15/11.  Winners MUST to the mandatory entry.  All other entries are optional.  Winner MUST respond to my email with in 12 hours or I will move on.  Please follow me on facebook, to stay updated on the winner!  I will also email the winner, so please check your spam folder! My email is, please white list me. **YOU MUST CONFIRM YOUR EMAIL AFTER SUBSCRIBING OR I WILL DISQUALIFY YOU**



stephanie said...

I love target becuase I can find everything I need it meets all my shopping needs ;)

Lisa Fisher Walker said...

I love Target's prices and selection