Monday, October 03, 2011

#Win Minus417 Professional Nail Care Kit #Enter the #Giveaway

· Nail buffer
· Nail file
· Cuticle oil (30 ml.)
· hand moisturizer (50 ml.)
· foot nourishing cream (50 ml.)

· Prevents dryness
· Nourishes your skin
· Maintains moisture levels
· Effective for All Skin Types

· A relaxing and refreshing cream enriched with moisturizer, for softening dry and cracked soles.
· Helps relieve dryness.
· Leaves your feet feeling fresh and prevents unpleasant odors.
· Nourishes your skin
· Maintains moisture levels
· Effective for All Skin Types
Retail Price: $39.48

What is the uniqueness of the Vitamin Mineral Complex?
Maintains the natural humidity of the skin by improving the mineral balance of the cells.
• Strengthens the natural protection of the skin.
• Delays skin aging by regenerating new skin cells.
• Improves body, face, skin texture, hair and scalp.
• Eases rheumatic pain in muscles and bones.
• Detoxifies, cleans skin thoroughly.
• Anti Allergen and suitable for sensitive skin care.
• Increases cell metabolism and activates enzymes.

417 Cosmetic Researches Dead Sea Ltd is a manufacturer and worldwide distributor. -417 was founded in 2003. Moty Fridman, the founder, CEO and share holder in the company is a business man and a sculptor born in Israel. -417 is the Developer of an Exclusive and Unique Collection of Skin-Care Products based on Natural Active components and select minerals from the lowest place in the world – the Dead Sea. -417 exclusive products are sold in the International market through the following distribution channels: department stores, perfumeries, cosmetic chains and leading spa and hotel facilities.
The -417 Brand offers a wide range of exclusive skincare products of high quality, based on The Vitamin Mineral Complex, a scientific combination of the rich minerals of the Dead Sea and natural active components as anti oxidant energizing vitamins and unique plant extracts, design to assist in regenerating skin cells and preventing aging signs. The products are based solely on natural active ingredients and do not contain any artificial preservatives such as Paraben and unfriendly components such as Mineral Oil.
-417 is changing the beauty level

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