Saturday, November 26, 2011

Dazzle Toes Featured Post for Winner Wonderland

Dazzle Toes are awesomely beautiful.  When I tried them on, I felt like an Egyptian Goddess!  Seriously! LOL, they made me feel sexy!

I especially liked the blue one.  My feet were blingin!  I can't wait for summer time to wear them everywhere!
Dazzle Toes are a great way to dress up your feet, whether being on the beach or at the pool, really anywhere!  Dazzle Toes are custom made to order by your shoe size, so you know you get a comfortable fit, and each are made in Dublin, Ireland.  Dazzle Toes also, has bling for your children's feet too!  They also have anklets.

All I can say is BEAUTIFUL, just beautiful!  Thank you Dazzle Toes for giving me this opportunity to review you product!

Dazzle Toes is a pround sponsor of Winner Wonderland Giveaway Event.  She will be giving away a beautiful pair of Dazzle Toes which includes a toe ring to match.

Please take a moment and visit Dazzle Toes Facebook.

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