Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Kiki's Fashions ~ Maternity Clothing ~ Review and Featured Post for Winner Wonderland

I am seriously in love with Kiki's Fashions!  I am not pregnant what so ever.  I do though, have a problem finding shirts that fit, due to the fact I have had six babies and I like to try and hide my yucky stomach, lol.  I love shirts that are stretchy and fall below my butt line.  I received the black sweater in a large.  This sweater fits perfectly! Super comfortable! I love it!  And the best part is they are CHEAP!  The black sweater is only $20.99!  Now, when I need a shirt I am turning to Kiki's Fashions!

Another awesome way to wear these shirts is as a sweater dress, like with black tights or stretchy pants and pull it all the way down.  Mine comes right above the knee, if I pull it all the way down.

If you are looking for fashionable maternity clothes, or just cheap maternity clothes, or if you are like me and have a super hard time finding a shirt that fits right, Kiki's Fashions is the place to go!

Kiki's Fashions is going to be giving away a $25.00 Gift Card to the store during the Winner Wonderland Giveaway Event!

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