Monday, December 12, 2011

Louis Pesilan Bag {Review}

Travelling around a world blessed with sights that are beautiful beyond words, this stop -- Asia, we quickly fell in love with the tradition and fashion that one encounters here on every step. Our first thought was: How can we spread the word about this unique area and its people while participating in the distribution process of these handcrafted combined with morden technical marvels?

Our team of computer specialists, web designers, local jewelry designers as well as local artists got together and came up with a new, attractive, and easy-to-use website that brings you the finest fashion jewelry pieces and arts collection available, created by the local craftsmen and artist who have been doing it for many years.

For example, we are not compromising anything when it comes to the materials used when producing our fine fashion jewelry pieces. Hypoallergenic nickel-free metals, glass and natural materials (wooden beads and leather bands) are the mainstays of our current product lineup. We take care of the "little" things for you - including worrying about the "weight" problem.

Furthermore, we employ a significant number of stay-at-home parents as well as undiscovered talented artists who would otherwise have had very limited job opportunities.

Louis P├ęsilan provides fresh, fashion-forward items at affordable prices, and remains committed to improving the living standard of our wonderful people.

Treat yourself to the attention, fashion, and style you deserve!

Thanks to Silvia, I received a bag in the color of stone.  This is a very beautiful bag, so beautiful I am afraid to use it, LOL!  The name of this bag is Dominique Dual-Function Safari Bag.  The bag seems, in my opinion very well made.  The attention to detail is spectacular!  I feel extra special since this bag was shipped from Ground Zero!  I also have to mention the wonderful traditional Hong Kong greeting card she sent me as well. Thank you Silvia, for a wonderful pick me up and a wonderful and gorgeous bag!  I will always remember where this bag came from!

**Made with top quality faux leather, this safari bag features double rolled leather handles to the top and twin front metal detail pockets, comes with fully removable body strap and adjustable buckle clasp, double-carry options, inside zip pocket and multifunction pockets, finished in a patent oversized stone print, logo zip pull – which is designed to look like a little mirror, zip fastening, metal footing for an improved wear and tear resistant, matching light gold hardware and interior patterned lining.

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