Thursday, December 15, 2011

WLM & Friends Lazy Friday Flash Giveaway 12/16

Welcome to the 5th Lazy Friday Flash Giveaway!  This week we have some AWESOME prizes, yet again!  Make sure you have twitter, because that is what this week is all about, twitter follows!

Our sponsors/hosts this week is as follows, you should really check them all out, really!

Prizes for this week's Flash giveaway:

  1. $5 PayPal Cash x2
  2. $5 Amazon Code
  3. $5 to Ms. Veronica's
  4. Christmas Coloring Books
  5. Santa in my House Video Code
  6. Christmas Baking Packaging Supplies
  7. Online Movie Rental Code
  8. Gilded Spoon Christmas Ornament
  9. Envelope of Coupons x2
  10. Disney's TinkerBell and the Great Fairy Rescue DVD
How awesome do those prizes look?  

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thisandthatcreations10 said...

Paypal cash :)

Lindsey Lee said...

I love the PayPal Cash or the Coupons!

thisandthatcreations10 said...

Thisandthatcreations is Jannie Bates :) for the above post