Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Santa Called! Review for Santaspeaking.com

Wow!  Three of my children were called by Santa!  He called the day after Thanksgiving!  Well, ya know, it was Santa after mommy ordered the call!

I cannot say how much fun or how cute this was.  Santa called My 7 year old, Nick, and my twins that are 4, Chris and Bella.  They were freakin!  They couldn't believe Santa called them!

When Santa called I put it on speaker so I can hear everything too.  This Santa sounded like the "real" Santa Claus!  When you order the call, you fill out everything about what your child likes and what not.  Then when Santa calls, he knows everything, just like "Santa" should, right?  My kids could not believe their ears, Santa knew about their dogs and school grades and everything!  Especially my 7 year old.  At that age, they stop believing in Santa, well this mama stopped that dead in its tracks LOL!

Santa Speaking has also been featured on the Rachel Ray show and in Parent's Magazine.  They were also, featured on the Today Show and in The New York Times.

This is GOOD STUFF!  You will enjoy it and so will your children.  Maybe they will straighten up for ya if Santa gives 'em a call!

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