Thursday, December 01, 2011

12 Days of Christmas Giveaway Event ~ $50.00 Gift Card to

From fabulously funky to glitzy & glamorous, Dazzlme offers a unique selection of hats & accessories to fit your style & personality.

Fedoras, western hats, military & baseball caps, sun hats, newsboy & fashion hats - every Dazzlme creation is handcrafted using only the finest crystals & trims by,  Camille, San Diego artist & designer.


I received the white kidz dazzleme hat for my 2 year old, Lucas!  He was so excited, he wore it day and night.  I couldn't get it off the kid LOL!  The hat was so cute and its perfect for any occasion.

The hat is made out of cotton, so it is very soft.  The bill of the cap is very soft as well.  The dazzle's around the hat were awessooooomme.  These dazzle's are perfect for younger kids, since they really don't even know the dazzles are on the hat.

In the end, Lucas was and still is thrilled with the hat.  He don't wear it day and night any more, cause that's how kids do.  But, he does were it to the store, where he gets A LOT of attention!  Thank you Camille for letting me have the opportunity to review your wonderful hat!

Camille at Dazzlme is allowing me to giveaway a $50 Gift Certificate to!

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Scrunchie Cap - Grey