Friday, December 02, 2011

Time to Stand Up

I just want to let everyone know.  I have been fighting with myself, with writing negative reviews, that I Know will help everyone out!  I feel like I am lying to my fans and readers if I do not write a negative review to warn you.

I am oathing right now that no matter what I like or I dont like I will write that review.  It's my right as a reviewer to do that.

A lot of people head on over to other sites and write a review for the product they bought, right?  Good or Bad reviews.  Well, this is my JOB!   If I get bashed, I get bashed. But,  I am being honest!  Readers want honesty, not a bunch of lies in their face!

On the other hand, I will not bash that company, if I do write a negative review.  Sure, I am just a little peon mommy review blogger, compared to your huge massive company.  I still expect the same respect back, because I, better yet WE,  are the ones who will make you or break you!  Our reach as one, is huge!

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