Friday, December 02, 2011

Zilch Featured Post and Giveaway

Help Santa out this holiday season and get your friends something other than a stocking full of reindeer socks, dental floss and day of the week undies. What they really want is a cocktail that won’t ruin their New Year’s resolutions. Introducing Zilch, the first Zero Calorie, Zero Sugar & Zero Carb Cocktail Mix.

Zilch is waistline and wallet friendly…all you need to make the perfect holiday drink is a shot and a splash of water on the rocks. Mix in Zilch for a cocktail that won’t contribute to holiday weight gain. FYI: A regular 8-ounce margarita contains up to 540 calories.

More compact than a cookie baked for Santa, Zilch is the ideal size for stocking gift giving.

Give the gift that guarantees rosy cheeks this holiday season.

Substitute Zilch for sugary cocktails and stay slim without sacrificing social lubricant.

Each box of Zilch contains 10 convenient single-serving packets and is priced at $4.99.  Zilch is available online at or at select retailers throughout the country.

For those hosting Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties…Zilch is available in One Gallon Party Packs to easily make margaritas by the pitcher.

Cheer Christmas Cocktail Recipe

I am allowed to be able to giveaway one box of Zilch.  The box contains 10 single serving packs.

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