Sunday, August 21, 2011

{Play} Dead

This morning my boys caught a Cicada.  If you don't know what a cicada is read {This}.  Cicada's are real bad in Missouri this year, because they hatched after 14 years of being buried under ground.  You can read an article {HERE}, if you want to know more.  Anyways, the boys brought in this cicada this morning, on a leaf, and I told them to bring it back outside, since Cicadas "play dead" from predators.

The boys swore up and down the cicada was dead!  I ran outside to take a picture of the bug and it started moving and my son was freaking out!

Just thought I'd share a crazy morning with 3 boys and a "playing dead" cicada! :)


Cinderella said...

At least it was only a cicada and not a lizard or creepy crawly thing, Kristen! Boys get up to the most amazing things, they are so curious.

I saw that you voted for me for Best Travel Blog on the Blogger's Choice Awards - that was so incredibly sweet of you! Thank you for taking the time to do it - I really appreciated it:)

Whole Lotta Mama said...

Oh not a problem! Glad you made it over to my blog! :) Have a good week!

Veronica Lee said...

Hi! I'm a new follower on GFC! Love your blog!

Have a nice day!

Susan said...

Oh my! Have never heard of these.
Stopping by from the GFC event at voiceBoks.

Danelle Johns said...

Oh, what a priceless memory and lesson. My kids have been bringing asking to bring these things inside. I must show them this post as for the reason NOT too.

I am a new follower from the I <3 Blogging Hop.

Danelle (

Anna said...

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